March 2022 – President Letter

Many times, life will bring us to an unexpected new season. Whether it’s an unplanned career change due to uncontrollable circumstances or an open door of opportunity that turns out different that you thought. But the exciting thing about stepping into a new chapter is that God has plans for it that we can’t even fathom.

I had no idea what God had in store for me in 2021, but He’s set up bold, new things for 2022, showing Himself not just faithful, but invested in Daystar. My dear friend, Pastor Shawn Bolz, shared with me that on the night Marcus passed, he had been praying and believing for his healing. At 2am California time, Shawn saw a bright flash of light outside his window. He told me that in that moment he thought, “God has either miraculously healed Marcus or taken him home to Heaven.” Of course, as many of you know, Marcus passed away at 4am Texas time. It was the exact moment Shawn saw that great flash of light. It was a confirmation that God’s hand was in this, and He was still in control.

I received a letter from a viewer sharing an encouraging word from the Lord for our family and Daystar. The Lord said, “Your steps are called by ME – and I see you following My voice.” And that is our mandate, to follow His voice.

So, we are all the more committed to taking Daystar forward, boldly stepping out into the unexpected. We will continue to take the Gospel around the world to all nations. We will also continue to not be ashamed of the Holy Spirit. And as He empowers us, we will lead the charge for declaring truth and seeing people set free in their lives.

Recently, many of you partnered once again with Daystar during Heart for the World. Your response was so tremendous, and I personally want to thank you for all you do to help us take the Gospel to every corner of the earth. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit and being faithful in all your support.

I am also excited to announce that Jonathan Lamb will step into the role of Vice President at Daystar. Together, we will carry on Marcus Lamb’s legacy and blaze new trails. Marcus and I had many discussions about the plans for Daystar’s future, and we will see those become reality for the glory of our Heavenly Father.

Joni Lamb
Co-Founder & President
Daystar Television Network