Hello, Everyone, and Happy New Year! We had an exciting end to last year, and I hope you all enjoyed all of our holiday specials. Last year was certainly full of the unexpected, and the Lord showed Himself to be faithful in every way, and I know 2023 will bring even more new opportunities to share the Gospel in exciting new ways.

We closed out the last few months of 2022 with the launch of Joni Table Talk on A&E and FYI, and the response has been tremendous. We are elated to be sharing our unique content with this new audience. So, be sure to tell your loved ones to check their local listing to find out when they can catch Joni Table Talk in their area.

I am also excited to announce that in November of this year we will once again be leading a tour to the Holy Land! Seating is limited, so if you want to attend, you need to get registered. This trip is always so special because of Daystar’s connection to Israel as the place where God planted the seeds of this network. You can visit for more details.

To all my Foxtel friends, I’ve got big news for you. I’m coming to Australia for Planetshakers Conference 2023 on January 12-14 in beautiful Melbourne. This will be a powerful time in the presence of God to experience His glory, and I hope to see you there!

I’m always excited to be part of what God is doing around the world. There is a Great Awakening that’s happening, and all of you amazing partners have a specific purpose in what God is doing. Through your continued support, Daystar is reaching more people than ever, and lives are being impacted for eternity.

Thank you for standing with Daystar and carrying the vision forward into a new year. You mean so much to me and my family. Thank you for your prayers, and speaking of family, my Rachel is having a birthday this month. Please pray a special blessing over her for this new year. And I pray that God opens the windows of Heaven to pour out favor and the refreshing of His presence over your life. I hope you are having a happy New Year and that this season is your best yet!

– Joni


Christmas season is upon us, and it is one of my favorite times of the year! The lights and decorations are out here at Daystar, and we have so many come through, giving us even more opportunities to share the love of Christ in our community.

This is also a great time of year to reflect on the blessings we’ve experienced. I want to thank you all for standing with us through your continued support. It’s because of you that we’ve been able to expand onto new platforms. Recently we had groundbreaking launches as the only Christian Network on India’s Reliance JIO Mobile and Israel’s Cellcom TV, reaching more than 400 Million via these cellular network carriers. Imagine how many people are hearing the Gospel for the first time today right on their phones!

I am also excited to announce that Joni Table Talk is expanding its reach with our launch on the broadcast networks of A&E and FYI. This is a great opportunity to reach an audience we’ve never reached before. Please pray that we would impact lives for the Kingdom of God and show Christ’s love to all who tune in.

These are such major blessings to Daystar, and we praise God for them because they remind us of why we do what we do. It’s to show people how much they are loved by their Creator. Our Heavenly Father sent Jesus into the world because of that great love. This is the reason for the season. Yet, there are many who feel lonely and unloved right now. They may even be your neighbors, friends, relatives, or coworkers. So reach out to those around you who may be hurting or feeling alone this Christmas. Show them that they are loved!

And if you are feeling isolated, lonely, or having a difficult holiday season, I want you to remember that our prayer line is always available. We are here for you; so, if you need prayer or encouragement, call 1-800-329-0029 or go to Our prayer partners are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Thank you for being part of the Daystar family and making 2022 a great year! I pray blessings over you and your loved ones this holiday. May the Lord fill you with love, peace, and joy. And from my family and all of us here at Daystar, I hope you have a very merry Christmas!



One thing I love about November is that it’s a time of year we reflect on all we are thankful for. In my life, I am so thankful for my family, their love for one another, and their passion for the things of God. I am also thankful for all of you who have stood by us this year so faithfully since Marcus was promoted to Heaven.

Over this past year, we have continued to stand for truth in the face of adversity covering topics that are often censored by media and social platforms, and our resolve has grown even stronger! We continue to thrive as we take on issues dealing with injustice and persecution, and most importantly, we’ve worked hard to reach more people with the Gospel and bring hope to those who are living through dire circumstances.

One monumental answer to prayer that we saw this year here in the United States was the Supreme Court overturning Roe vs. Wade. I have long been an advocate for the unborn and for the women who’ve suffered the pain and heartbreak of abortion. It’s my heart that every child has a chance at life, and that no woman regardless of her circumstances feels like she has no other option but abortion. We praise God for bringing this to pass.

We also recently wrapped up another successful Heart for the World. I am also so grateful for every single one of you who gave this October. Words cannot express how much it means to me personally that each of you are standing with Daystar so that every soul on this planet has the opportunity to know Jesus. You make it possible for Daystar to share God’s Word with the nations.

Please continue to pray for salvations, for a great awakening, for truth to be revealed, for people to be delivered and set free, and for fresh boldness in the Body of Christ to stand on God’s Word and walk in the authority of Christ. And as we enter this holiday season, it is my prayer that you would remember how important family is and that God would give you the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with those around you.


My dear friends, we are living in interesting days as the prophetic clock continues to tick and more signs of the times unfold. As many of you probably know, we just saw the passing of the last day of the Shemitah year and the Feast of Tabernacles is upon us. These two coinciding at this moment in time carries with it hope and warning.

We have seen some tremendous things happen this year, but we’ve also seen many turning away from truth – even in the Body of Christ. The lesson in the Feast of Tabernacles is that God is faithful to His people. Even in times of trouble, those who trust in the Lord will see the promise.

So, I want to encourage you to be bolder than ever before and dare to have big faith in the year ahead! The last year hasn’t been easy, and no one knows that better than me and my family, but we are standing firm in our determination for Daystar to be a part of the End Time harvest. We will not be shaken for we have a God who cares for us and has already made us victorious! So, we can be courageous and fearless no matter what we face.

I believe God is calling believers around the world to walk in audacious, bold faith in this coming year. We must stand up and raise our voices. God is revealing prophetic guidance for this next season through people like my dear friend Perry Stone who shared some of the visions the Lord has shown him. Now is the time for the Church to be ready and dare to believe for the harvest! And be sure to be a part of our Heart for the World this month by sowing into taking the Gospel to the nations.

Thank you for all your continuous support. And please keep my family in your prayers as we celebrate the birthdays of Jonathan Weiss and Jonathan, Suzy, and Israel Lamb. They are all such a blessing to Daystar, and we are believing for the Lord’s continued favor over each of their lives. And thank you again for continuing to make a difference around the world.



I think it’s easy to look around right now and realize we are living in some trying, chaotic times. The enemy has certainly elevated the amount of fear, hate, and confusion in the world, and perhaps what’s most disheartening is that it’s affecting our children and has even found its way into the Church.

We are seeing congregations celebrating sin and calling it good. There are churches embracing transgenderism, the transitioning of children, the eradication of babies through abortion, and the list just goes on and on. That’s why it is becoming all the more important to stand for truth, because if we won’t, then who will?

As a family, we recently celebrated the birthdays of my grandsons – Asher, who is three, and Judah, who turned two this year. When I think about just how quickly things are changing in the world and how it will affect their lives, I find myself feeling more vigilant and determined than ever before to shine the light of Christ and declare truth to the nations.

So, this month you will see more guests on Table Talk like Kevin and M’Lisa Goff who share about the emotional and psychological impact of abortion, Rod Parsley discussing the state of the Church, Joyce Meyer on loving people who are difficult to love, and miraculous life-after-death stories from Howard Storm and Bruce Van Natta just to name a few.

As we look ahead and continue to take a stand for truth and God’s Word, please continue to pray for our family, especially my grandchildren, that God would sow into them boldness, because they will need this in the years ahead. And I invite you to come and stand alongside us in our fight to share the truth. Next month, we will have our fall Heart for the World. Come be a part of helping us change lives all across the globe.

I declare the blessings of the Lord upon you and your family. Let’s revolutionize the world with God’s love in our generation!


Joni Lamb
Co-Founder & President
Daystar Television Network


We are standing on the cusp of history being made and seeing God do some amazing things in this generation that are answers to decades of prayer. At Daystar, we believe that every person is created in the image of God according to the Bible. That means that every life has value and purpose. Yet, for the past 50 years, that idea has been eroded due to the landmark case known as Roe vs. Wade.

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that effectively overturned Roe. For decades, Marcus and I have been strong advocates for preserving the life of the unborn and before he passed, he shared with me that he believed Roe vs. Wade would be overturned. Since his passing, a friend shared a dream with me in which she saw Marcus in Heaven contending for the unborn children. It gives me great joy to know that our prayers along with so many others are supernaturally affecting change. We celebrate this victory, but there are still more fights ahead. And as the Church, we must step up and be the safe, supportive place to help women in crisis.

Just as the right to life is paramount, preserving religious freedom is important as well. In a recent ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the First Amendment in the case involving former Bremerton High School football coach Joe Kennedy, who lost his job for praying on the field after a game. The court found that Kennedy’s right to freedom of religious expression had been violated. This was a monumental victory for religious freedom! We had the pleasure of sharing Joe’s story as well as hearing from Kelly Shackelford of First Liberty Institute whose team handled the case. If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to watching it at

These are just some of the powerful things we are seeing happen. This month Table Talk is celebrating the might of our Lord by sharing a series of near-death testimonies that you won’t want to miss. I know you’ll be blessed by them.

I praise God for you and for how He is moving on the earth! Lives are being changed like never before, and we are excited to be a part of what He’s doing in such a time as this!


Joni Lamb
Co-Founder & President
Daystar Television Network


As America celebrates its independence, I’m reminded of the biblical significance of freedom. Galatians 5:1 tells us “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” The Lord has purpose in our freedom, and we must preserve it. This is at the heart of why Daystar has remained firmly committed to bringing uncensored truth and standing up to protect liberty. Recently we did programs with Jimmy Evans and former Congresswoman Michele Bachman on some treaty amendments involved the WHO and the World Health Assembly which would threaten the sovereignty of multiple nations. Yet because many like you, including 47 African Nations, dared to stand against it, the measure stalled out, failing to generate enough support. This was a major victory for freedom.

As we talk about Independence Day this month, we must remember that we’ve got to be willing to stand up for liberty. We can’t live our lives based on political correctness, but rather on what the Word of God says. We have entered into a season where the Lord is separating the wheat from the chaff. And Daystar will continue to bring you truth and unapologetically stand on the Bible.

We are able to do programming on these important topics because of your support. We are not sponsored by pharmaceutical companies or big corporations, and we don’t have commercials. What we do have is a faithful group of partners that help us build God’s Kingdom and set captives free. This past spring, we received record support during Heart for the World! And we have added more life-changing content that you are already letting me know you are enjoying such as FlashPoint hosted by Gene Bailey which features Mario Murillo, Lance Wallnau, and Hank Kunneman. Also, we have added the anointed ministry of Celebration Church with Tim Timberlake.

Thank you for standing with us and empowering us to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of so many. Recently, I had the distinct honor of receiving on behalf of Marcus, myself, and all of you amazing partners the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. I graciously accepted this award on your behalf because you’ve helped us serve so many, especially those facing the effects of natural disasters or unfortunate circumstances. It is perhaps one of the greatest hallmarks of freedom to be able to help one another, and you made it possible! Thank you for standing with all of us here at Daystar!

Joni Lamb
Co-Founder & President
Daystar Television Network


As we approach Father’s Day, I want to take a moment to reflect on the impact fathers have. I feel so blessed that my children had such a great father in Marcus Lamb. He was a man committed to loving his children, being in their lives, and instilling strong Biblical values that are producing fruit even today.

His passion for the Lord and sharing the Gospel helped not only guide Daystar to where it is today, but it also instilled in our family a commitment to the Great Commission and a dedication to the things of God. Marcus firmly believed in loving people, sharing God’s Word, aligning with the Holy Spirit, standing with Israel, and being generous. These qualities permeated everything from the way he took special time with Jonathan, Rachel, and Rebecca to how he lavished his affection on our grandchildren. I am so thankful Marcus got to be here for all of our children getting married, and I loved getting to see him be Poppy to Israel, Arielle, Asher, and Judah and pouring the same love and attention into them as he did our children.

Marcus also modeled what it means to be a giver both personally and through Daystar, and on behalf of you our partners, he gave to so many outreaches, ministries, and organizations to touch lives. He loved Heart for the World because it provided our partners a direct opportunity to change the world, and he was always moved by your generosity. Because of you, we’ve already given to bless Israel and to help those affected by the Ukraine war this year. As we approach our summer Heart for the World, please pray with us about what God wants to do through you this season. I know Marcus is cheering us on from Heaven.

For many like us, you are spending Father’s Day apart from your loved one because they’ve gone home to be with the Lord. So, I want you to be sure to visit and check out the testimonies of Jim Woodford and Randy Kay who died, went to Heaven, and came back. I know these Table Talks will bless and encourage you. And I pray a fresh outpouring of God’s love over you all this Father’s Day.

Joni Lamb
Co-Founder & President
Daystar Television Network


Hello Daystar Family,

With everything going on in the world today, it can be easy to get concerned or even fearful, but you are not alone. We are here to minister to you in whatever season you’re in. Our prayer lines are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Before Marcus passed, he planned for Daystar to double our efforts of standing for freedom. Along with other ministries, organizations, and states, Daystar joined the First Liberty Institute lawsuit challenging the present Administration’s attempt to create an OSHA rule mandating COVID vaccinations for businesses with more than 100 employees. The Supreme Court issued a stay effectively blocking its enforcement leading OSHA to withdraw the rule. To God be the glory!

Additionally, we’ve seen some exciting growth this season, and I am excited to update you on what’s happening in our family. Jonathan, Suzy, and the children are doing great! Jonathan Lamb continues to take on more leadership responsibilities as Daystar’s Vice President. Suzy released a beautiful song last month for Easter entitled “Champion of Heaven.” If you haven’t heard it yet, make sure to check it out.

Heart for the World was so special this year and a big thanks to my daughter Rachel Lamb Brown for helping lead and make it successful. Her dad would be so proud of her pursuit of excellence and helping me navigate so beautifully in his absence. She is also enjoying motherhood, and Judah is growing up so fast. Her husband, Joshua Brown, is about to celebrate his 40th Birthday, and he is heading the development of Daystar Español, launching this year.

I’m so excited about my fifth grand baby coming! My grandson Asher is going to be a big brother soon! Jonathan and Rebecca Weiss are due to welcome their second baby boy this month as well as celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary. Jonathan is doing a great job with our IT department, and Rebecca has launched her new podcast On Air with Rebecca. So, be sure to go subscribe!

As we continue to move forward in this season, I am so proud of our family for stepping up to the plate and helping me lead in so many ways. I know Marcus is proud from Heaven’s balcony. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued prayers!


Yours for Christian Television,
Joni Lamb



Words could never express just how much of a blessing you are! First, I want to thank all of you who have emailed, called, and sent cards voicing your condolences and support after my sweetheart, Marcus, was promoted to Heaven. It meant so much to me personally and to my family. Second, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who gave and pledged during our recent Heart for the World. I was deeply touched that so many of you are helping carry on Marcus’s legacy and vision for Daystar. He laid such a great foundation, and you are taking that vision forward into a new season. Thank you for standing with me and with Daystar, and I know Marcus is in that great cloud of witnesses looking down to cheer all of us on and is rallying Heaven on our behalf.

This Heart for the World was truly special for us. It was such a blessing to have such dear friends like Perry Stone, Robert Morris, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, John Hagee, Jimmy Evans, Larry Huch, Dr. Bryan Ardis, Del Bigtree, Lance Wallnau, and Darius Johnston join us for a powerful time of sowing into building the Kingdom and pouring out God’s love to the nations. Because of your giving, we’ve already sent out over half a million dollars to help rescue Jewish families and bring humanitarian aid to the region in and around Ukraine. Through the support of partners around the world, we were able to give $100,000 to Orphan’s Hands to help the displaced refuges as well as give $200,000 to Christians United for Israel and $250,000 to Ezra International to help Jewish families being affected by the war.

I want to extend a special thank you to the many ministry friends who shared special messages and memories to honor Marcus’s legacy. We will never forget how much it blessed our family, and please know that your encouragement and how you are standing alongside us has truly touched our hearts.

Looking ahead, I’m reminded of just how passionate Marcus was for the future, and I want you all to know that each of you have a part in his legacy. I’ve received many words from various prophetic voices that God will be faithful and is taking us forward into even bigger things. There are some exciting developments and major opportunities that are just on the horizon, and I can hardly wait to share them with you. So, be sure to keep an eye out for some major announcements in upcoming newsletters. Thank you again, and I pray the Lord pours out His favor and blessings on you this year!


Joni Lamb

Co-Founder & President
Daystar Television Network


March 2022 – President Letter

Many times, life will bring us to an unexpected new season. Whether it’s an unplanned career change due to uncontrollable circumstances or an open door of opportunity that turns out different that you thought. But the exciting thing about stepping into a new chapter is that God has plans for it that we can’t even fathom.

I had no idea what God had in store for me in 2021, but He’s set up bold, new things for 2022, showing Himself not just faithful, but invested in Daystar. My dear friend, Pastor Shawn Bolz, shared with me that on the night Marcus passed, he had been praying and believing for his healing. At 2am California time, Shawn saw a bright flash of light outside his window. He told me that in that moment he thought, “God has either miraculously healed Marcus or taken him home to Heaven.” Of course, as many of you know, Marcus passed away at 4am Texas time. It was the exact moment Shawn saw that great flash of light. It was a confirmation that God’s hand was in this, and He was still in control.

I received a letter from a viewer sharing an encouraging word from the Lord for our family and Daystar. The Lord said, “Your steps are called by ME – and I see you following My voice.” And that is our mandate, to follow His voice.

So, we are all the more committed to taking Daystar forward, boldly stepping out into the unexpected. We will continue to take the Gospel around the world to all nations. We will also continue to not be ashamed of the Holy Spirit. And as He empowers us, we will lead the charge for declaring truth and seeing people set free in their lives.

Recently, many of you partnered once again with Daystar during Heart for the World. Your response was so tremendous, and I personally want to thank you for all you do to help us take the Gospel to every corner of the earth. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit and being faithful in all your support.

I am also excited to announce that Jonathan Lamb will step into the role of Vice President at Daystar. Together, we will carry on Marcus Lamb’s legacy and blaze new trails. Marcus and I had many discussions about the plans for Daystar’s future, and we will see those become reality for the glory of our Heavenly Father.

Joni Lamb
Co-Founder & President
Daystar Television Network


The Vision Moves Forward

There’s a beautiful lesson in creation that a vision moves forward beyond where the seed was planted. Consider the forest and all its trees and shrubs that sprawl across the landscape. Every tree began as a seed, but every tree produces thousands of seeds that find their way far past the reach of its branches.

As we look ahead to the future, there are so many new chapters unfolding at Daystar in 2022. Yes, last year ended with the unexpected passing of my sweetheart, Marcus Lamb, but I want you to know that he never stopped casting the vision forward. In his last days, he shared that he wanted Daystar to be an even better friend to Israel. So, this year, we will seek more exciting opportunities to show our love and support of the Jewish people.

He also wanted to focus even more on winning souls, standing for truth, and not being ashamed of the Holy Spirit. Those wheels were already set in motion with the studio redesign for Ministry Now, but this year, we will be introducing the exciting new set for Joni Table Talk. This means that we are not just committed to moving ahead, but we are blazing brave new trails to cover more important topics, stand against censorship, and bring more people the opportunity to experience the life changing power of the Gospel.

But we’re not stopping there! We’re also planning to expand how people experience Daystar with our first-ever Spanish-speaking channel, Daystar Español. Marcus had such a love for the Latin communities here in the United States and around the world. So, we will be picking up that torch and bringing Christ’s message of love, hope, and joy to the beautiful Latin communities of the earth. Be sure to check for official launch information, and please contact your cable and satellite provider and ask them to make Daystar Español part of their lineup.

These are just a few of the exciting new things coming your way in 2022, and you can continue to expect the same quality programming and thought-provoking topics Daystar is known for. Thank you for being a part of the Daystar family. Together we are moving the vision forward.


Joni Lamb
Co-Founder & President
Daystar Television Network


He Is God

As we kick off this new year, the road ahead is full of surprises, unknowns, and even some uncertainties. Last year ended in a way that none of us expected, but there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years of following the Lord… No matter what we face, God is still God on the top of the mountain and in the bottom of the valley.

I’m reminded of the Israelites taken into the strange, unfamiliar land of Babylon. Daniel and his compatriots had no clue what they’d face, but they knew their God was still bigger. So, they resolved to lean into God’s might and wonderous love and provision. This would lead Daniel into the lion’s den and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego into the fiery furnace. And though they faced the impossible, God was right there with them and walked them into a place of victory.

Moving forward, there may be many twists and turns in the road this coming year. But I want you to remember that God is right there with you. And He will see you through. At the heart of everything Marcus and I have done over the years has been this truth – Jesus is the answer. So, if you need prayer today or at any point this year, I want you to call us at 1-800-329-0029 or connect with our prayer team online at

I’m reminded of the words of 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” God loves you more than you could ever comprehend. If you’re on the mountain right now, praise Him for sustaining you there. And if you’re in the valley, take heart, because He is right there with you and will see that you reach the summit of the mountain.



Tis the season for giving! And Marcus and I are always so blown away by your generosity. Many of you spend this time of year helping others or bringing joy to family members and loved ones. But do you know you can also sow into your next year by giving to touch lives with the Gospel?

In Proverbs 11:25 it says, “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

When you give to bring hope and peace and encouragement to others, God pours those blessings back into your life. And the end of the year is the perfect time to give to be a blessing to others, because it not only impacts their lives but also opens your new year to the favor and provision of God in your life.

If you have a heart to spread hope and to reach the world with God’s love, make a tax-deductible donation to Daystar by December 31st using the enclosed form, or simply submit your gift online at And remember that any amount makes a difference.

So, as you store up treasure in heaven and invite God’s hand of provision into your life this next year, never forget that you are changing lives and sowing hope all over the world. And when you build your life around loving people and pursuing God’s plans and purpose, you will experience new levels of joy and peace because you are busy about your Father’s work!


Last month during our fall Heart for the World, we were once again overwhelmed by all that the Lord did in and through our Daystar family. Because of your support, Daystar continues shining the light of truth into a dark world, seeing captives set free and hearts reborn! Only eternity will tell the full story of what your partnership means. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!


The ARK Encounter

As the sun hung bright overhead, the foreboding structure rose from the earth, stretching high into the sky. The ship towered before us as we walked under the rainbow arch entrance of Kentucky’s must-see biblical attraction, the Ark Encounter, a life-sized representation of Noah’s epic sea-faring vessel. It was an imposing reminder of God’s redemption in juxtaposition to His mighty power. And it was something that I knew I wanted to share with my viewers and my family.

Joining me on this adventure was of course my sweetheart, Marcus, as well as our son Jonathan along with Suzie, Israel, and Ari, and Rachel, Josh and our newest grandbaby, Judah. Guiding us was Ark Encounter founder and creator, Ken Ham, who provided an up-close look at the world of Noah, the Earth-changing flood, and the scientific validity of the Biblical account.

Like stepping back in time, the moment we entered the Ark we were engulfed in the reality of life inside the Ark. Filled with animal cages of strange yet familiar animals representing the different kinds that would have populated the ark, the inside offered a unique perspective on the reality of how such a feet would have likely looked. We explored the different animals, which included Israel’s favorite – Dinosaurs! We got a glimpse of what Noah’s family’s living quarters may have looked like.

Perhaps, the most impressive were the exhibits that showed the science behind the flood and its impact. More than a meager disaster, this single event entirely reshaped our world, and the team at the Ark Encounter delivered a captivating presentation of just how trustworthy the Biblical account of Noah and the Flood really is.

From bow to stern, we explored every inch of the mammoth ship as well as the on-site zoo, featuring fun, exotic animals such as Kangaroos, Camels, and more! And I can hardly wait to share it with you this month on Joni Table Talk. And if you want to experience the early chapters of Genesis with your family, then find out how you can embark on the journey of a lifetime at


In a fitness center in downtown Atlanta, a woman in ponytail and gym attire crushes her morning workout on the treadmill. She feels confident and strong. She feels ready to take on her day because she’s been working out with me encouraging her along the way. In slow moving London traffic, a middle-aged man checks his tie in the mirror. He’s about to conquer the biggest meeting of his life, and he’s feeling positive and bold as the ladies of the table and I deliver words that lift his spirits and inspire him to go for God’s best. Sounds fun, right? Well, that’s the vision behind my new podcast!

Now, no matter where you are – at the gym, in your car, or even in the office – you can get the latest real, candid, and empowering chats from me and the rest of my ladies with the Joni Table Talk Podcast. Fill your day with great conversations featuring many of today’s most sought-after guests. Covering a wide range of topics from stories of triumph and finding strength in tough seasons to walking in God’s anointing and daring to stand in truth and purpose, you’ll be revitalized and challenged to live in the fullness of God’s plan for your life.

Don’t wait to be inspired! Get it right where you are, when you need it most, and on your schedule. Powerful, engaging conversations about the topics that matter to you are just one button push away.

So, join me and my thousands of friends already listening to experience what everyone’s talking about. Subscribe to the Joni Table Talk Podcast today, available now on iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify, TuneIn Podcast, and iHeartRadio!



In a quiet hospital room, a daughter sits waiting for the doctor. The sound of a respirator is the only thing that breaks the cold silence of the room. In the bed, her elderly mother fights to live. Just days earlier, she brought in her mother who was suffering from weak oxygen levels and flu-like symptoms. She tried to show the doctor a video about a treatment protocol, but the video was now blocked.

Halfway across the world, a young boy is rushed into a hospital. His parents watch in horror as the doctors fight to save his life. Weeks earlier, doctors assured the parents that the vaccination would protect their son from sickness. The father tried to research the vaccine, but the video about its potential side effects was determined too dangerous for the public to know.

What if you had no access to the very information that could improve your health and even save your life? Who has the right to determine if you are capable of handling that information? Does that sound like a free society? Sadly, this is the world we live in.

Every day, government entities and private companies, including social media platforms, are overriding your right to make decisions by deeming themselves the gatekeepers of information. It is censorship in the name of protecting you from yourself. We at Daystar have even experienced this type of censorship. Our videos have been taking down off various platforms, and we have even been removed from app stores.

But ask yourself why? What do they not want you to know, and why do they get to decide what is right for you? And if they have this power, why do we assume they are beyond corruption and their own self-interests?

At Daystar, we believe that you deserve to know the truth. That’s why we bring you information such as vaccination safety updates and what’s going on with COVID-19. So, you can make the best decision for your family.

Get the latest from experts, doctors, researchers and more and stay informed at


The Impact of a Godly Mother

Every great home starts with a strong foundation. My mother taught me that. Not just by her words, but by her actions. She always lived so unselfishly. No matter if it was cooking, cleaning, or washing clothes, she did it all every day with love, dedication, and selflessness. I could feel it in her hugs and in the way that she loved all of us. But most importantly, it was in the way she loved the Lord. Even to this day, she continues to teach me what it looks like to be a strong woman of faith.

That legacy is what I have tried to carry into my relationship with my children. Each day, I have strived to live what I believe in front of them. To show them that God’s way is the best way, and if you surrender to His Will, God will take you to places you never even dreamed possible.

It’s not always been an easy journey, but what an adventure it has been! To see the young man and women they’ve become and the spouses they chose, it is such a great joy to know the fullness of the scripture, Proverbs 22:6, that says, “Train up a child in the way they should go; and when they’re older, they will not depart from it.”

As I look at my grandchildren and see how my daughters and daughter-in-love are continuing that legacy, the impact on these little ones is undeniable. So, to all you Godly mothers out there who are doing your best to sow faith, love, and character into your sons and daughters, and to the ones that are just starting that journey today, you are making a difference. It’s no small thing to shape a life, that’s why God made you stronger than you realize. So, from my family to yours, Happy Mother’s Day!


Our Spring 2021 Heart for the World was a great success because of YOU, our Daystar Partners! It never ceases to amaze me the way that God shows up to minister to His people during these special times. Whether you were encouraged by Dr. Marilyn Hickey’s word on generational blessing or had your eyes opened during the discussion on America’s hidden history with Dr. Thomas Horn and Pastor Jimmy Evans, we pray that the work God began during Heart for the World will be a launching pad for even greater things in your life.


Thank you for being a part of our Daystar family!



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