From Joni’s Heart: January 2016

Revival’s On The Way

As a little girl, I remember it like a dream. The family dressed in our Sunday best. Daddy’s aftershave lingered in the air as he carried me from the car to the church. Mama smiled as the pastor welcomed us at the door. We always sat in the same spot, and I could barely see over the pew. I remember everyone seemed so excited to be in church. We were in revival, and it was standing room only.

I guess you could say I grew up in a culture of revival. The raising of hands, tears on some faces, smiles on others – These weren’t just the signs of what we thought revival was. No, these were the signs of lives being changed. I remember the alter being full, and from the pulpit, an Evangelist bringing a challenging word, stirring a hunger in us for more of God.

Over the last few months, it’s been like a walk down memory lane as we put the finishing touches on a new Daystar album, “Old Time Revival with Marcus Lamb and Friends.” Capturing the joy and spirit of revival that swept across the 20th century, this album brings you back to the tent revivals of the 40s and 50s, where men and women were awakened to the power of God.

As I am writing this, we just wrapped shooting music videos for some of our favorite tracks. And if you think the music will take you back, wait until you see us all dressed up in our vintage throwback 1940s attire! My bestie, Cindy Murdock, and I even shocked ourselves when we looked in the mirror and saw our mothers staring back at us! I’m telling you, if for no other reason than to see all the costumes and hairdos, you don’t want to miss this.

Perhaps what I’m most excited about is my sweetheart, Marcus, stepping up behind the keys for this album. I’m so proud of all his hard work, and I can’t wait for you to hear him play and, yes, even sing on the new record. So mark your calendars! Don’t miss our music videos’ world premiere set for the first week of February! And tell your friends, “Revival’s on the way!”