Remembering John Paul
There are rare moments in life where you meet someone and have an instant connection. I’ll never forget the first time I met my dear friend, John Paul Jackson. He just seemed to carry the presence of God with him. And he always had such wisdom to share.

It’s been a few years since John Paul was promoted to heaven, but many of his teachings and messages are truly timeless. So in 2017, we decided to revisit some of our favorite programs with him on Table Talk, and your response was tremendous. That’s why I’ve decided to bring back another series of John Paul Jackson programs this month.
The week of February 19th we’re bringing back five John Paul programs that were powerful and informative. So mark your calendars because you don’t want to miss him sharing about the hierarchy of angels and demons and what that should mean to us. Plus, he’ll teach us the importance of power and authority, how to recognize and overcome the Absalom Spirit, and what is sin.

It’s a week-long celebration of our beloved friend and the wisdom and anointing he carried. So make plans to join us at the table as we celebrate my dear friend, John Paul Jackson, this month on Joni Table Talk.