With so much attention in our culture focused on the issue of gender identity, I felt led to dive deeper into this subject on Joni Table Talk. There’s no shortage of confusion and controversy when it comes to how the Church should address this topic, so I brought in some experts to talk about it.

November 27-30, you’ll meet people who have personally experienced the pain caused by gender confusion, as well as the redemption available to them through the blood of Jesus. As a believer, if you’ve ever had questions about this issue and how to biblically address it with others, these are must-watch programs.

Through the stories shared by Walt Heyer, David Foster, Joe Dallas, Dennis Jernigan, and others, you can discover how to establish an open dialogue that will enable you to speak the truth in love. Hear the dramatic transformations as our guests share how they encountered God’s heart and went from crippling feelings of fear and insecurity to walking in the fullness of Christ.

God never ceases to amaze me. But as I listened to those whose lives have been touched by the issue of gender identity, I was overwhelmed by His relentless pursuit of us all. Through the power of the Cross, He longs to redeem those trapped by confusion and pain. My prayer is that you’ll tune in for this special Joni Table Talk series and learn answers and insight that will lead you to share God’s love and see lives transformed for eternity.


November 27 – J1706: A Transgender’s Faith / Walt Heyer’s Story
November 28 – J1734: Love Hunger / David Foster’s Story
November 29 – J1725: TranZformed / An Inside Look at the New Documentary, TranZformed
November 30 – J1721: Gender Identity / Experts Joe Dallas & Dennis Jernigan share biblical insight on gender identity (changed this one)