I think it’s easy to look around right now and realize we are living in some trying, chaotic times. The enemy has certainly elevated the amount of fear, hate, and confusion in the world, and perhaps what’s most disheartening is that it’s affecting our children and has even found its way into the Church.

We are seeing congregations celebrating sin and calling it good. There are churches embracing transgenderism, the transitioning of children, the eradication of babies through abortion, and the list just goes on and on. That’s why it is becoming all the more important to stand for truth, because if we won’t, then who will?

As a family, we recently celebrated the birthdays of my grandsons – Asher, who is three, and Judah, who turned two this year. When I think about just how quickly things are changing in the world and how it will affect their lives, I find myself feeling more vigilant and determined than ever before to shine the light of Christ and declare truth to the nations.

So, this month you will see more guests on Table Talk like Kevin and M’Lisa Goff who share about the emotional and psychological impact of abortion, Rod Parsley discussing the state of the Church, Joyce Meyer on loving people who are difficult to love, and miraculous life-after-death stories from Howard Storm and Bruce Van Natta just to name a few.

As we look ahead and continue to take a stand for truth and God’s Word, please continue to pray for our family, especially my grandchildren, that God would sow into them boldness, because they will need this in the years ahead. And I invite you to come and stand alongside us in our fight to share the truth. Next month, we will have our fall Heart for the World. Come be a part of helping us change lives all across the globe.

I declare the blessings of the Lord upon you and your family. Let’s revolutionize the world with God’s love in our generation!


Joni Lamb
Co-Founder & President
Daystar Television Network