My dear friends, we are living in interesting days as the prophetic clock continues to tick and more signs of the times unfold. As many of you probably know, we just saw the passing of the last day of the Shemitah year and the Feast of Tabernacles is upon us. These two coinciding at this moment in time carries with it hope and warning.

We have seen some tremendous things happen this year, but we’ve also seen many turning away from truth – even in the Body of Christ. The lesson in the Feast of Tabernacles is that God is faithful to His people. Even in times of trouble, those who trust in the Lord will see the promise.

So, I want to encourage you to be bolder than ever before and dare to have big faith in the year ahead! The last year hasn’t been easy, and no one knows that better than me and my family, but we are standing firm in our determination for Daystar to be a part of the End Time harvest. We will not be shaken for we have a God who cares for us and has already made us victorious! So, we can be courageous and fearless no matter what we face.

I believe God is calling believers around the world to walk in audacious, bold faith in this coming year. We must stand up and raise our voices. God is revealing prophetic guidance for this next season through people like my dear friend Perry Stone who shared some of the visions the Lord has shown him. Now is the time for the Church to be ready and dare to believe for the harvest! And be sure to be a part of our Heart for the World this month by sowing into taking the Gospel to the nations.

Thank you for all your continuous support. And please keep my family in your prayers as we celebrate the birthdays of Jonathan Weiss and Jonathan, Suzy, and Israel Lamb. They are all such a blessing to Daystar, and we are believing for the Lord’s continued favor over each of their lives. And thank you again for continuing to make a difference around the world.