As America celebrates its independence, I’m reminded of the biblical significance of freedom. Galatians 5:1 tells us “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” The Lord has purpose in our freedom, and we must preserve it. This is at the heart of why Daystar has remained firmly committed to bringing uncensored truth and standing up to protect liberty. Recently we did programs with Jimmy Evans and former Congresswoman Michele Bachman on some treaty amendments involved the WHO and the World Health Assembly which would threaten the sovereignty of multiple nations. Yet because many like you, including 47 African Nations, dared to stand against it, the measure stalled out, failing to generate enough support. This was a major victory for freedom.

As we talk about Independence Day this month, we must remember that we’ve got to be willing to stand up for liberty. We can’t live our lives based on political correctness, but rather on what the Word of God says. We have entered into a season where the Lord is separating the wheat from the chaff. And Daystar will continue to bring you truth and unapologetically stand on the Bible.

We are able to do programming on these important topics because of your support. We are not sponsored by pharmaceutical companies or big corporations, and we don’t have commercials. What we do have is a faithful group of partners that help us build God’s Kingdom and set captives free. This past spring, we received record support during Heart for the World! And we have added more life-changing content that you are already letting me know you are enjoying such as FlashPoint hosted by Gene Bailey which features Mario Murillo, Lance Wallnau, and Hank Kunneman. Also, we have added the anointed ministry of Celebration Church with Tim Timberlake.

Thank you for standing with us and empowering us to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of so many. Recently, I had the distinct honor of receiving on behalf of Marcus, myself, and all of you amazing partners the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. I graciously accepted this award on your behalf because you’ve helped us serve so many, especially those facing the effects of natural disasters or unfortunate circumstances. It is perhaps one of the greatest hallmarks of freedom to be able to help one another, and you made it possible! Thank you for standing with all of us here at Daystar!

Joni Lamb
Co-Founder & President
Daystar Television Network