From Joni’s Heart: September 2015

Are We Living in the Last Days?

Do you have questions about the End Times? If so, you’ll definitely want to tune in for the Tipping Point Series with Jimmy Evans on Joni Table Talk! Besides discussing the End Times, Jimmy Evans will also be answering the questions you asked on social media about the topic. Here are just a few of your questions and his answers…

Which part of Revelations are we currently in? I believe we are living in the last days before the rapture, specifically during the time period referenced in the letters to the churches in Revelations 2 and 3, or the church age.

Will we be married in heaven? We will be married to Jesus in heaven. According to Ephesians 5, marriage in this world is only a mirror of Christ and the Church. What we experience here on earth in marriage is just a dress rehearsal for heaven – on earth marriage is corrupted, in heaven it will be perfect.

Where will the antichrist come from? I personally believe that he is already here, and that he will be a Muslim. One of the titles that he is given in the Bible is the “Assyrian,” and when referenced against the prophecies of Daniel’s time, we can conclude that he will definitely come out of what was the old Roman Empire.

For more of your questions answered, be sure to tune in for Joni Table Talk the first week of September for the Tipping Point Series with Jimmy Evans! And if you happen to miss any of the episodes, they will also be available on Daystar On Demand at