From Joni’s Heart: October 2015

Fall is in the air as leaves turn bright yellow and orange and colder temperatures emerge. This is a welcome change from the hot Texas summer we’ve had! I love the month of October for many reasons, but especially because four people in our family celebrate their birthdays in October. My handsome hubby and son are both born in October as well as our beautiful daughter-in-love, Suzy, and our first grandchild, Israel. That’s a lot of birthday cake for the month of October, but what a joy to celebrate people that you love. I’m so thankful for my husband of 33 years who leads our family with love and grace, still takes me on dates, makes me laugh and sings songs to me. Our journey has been amazing, and we are happier today than we have ever been! Jonathan is such a wonderful son, husband and father. His face still lights up when Suzy enters the room, and I love watching him with Israel as he spends time with him and praying for him before putting him to bed. Suzy will celebrate her birthday this year being 8 months pregnant carrying our second grandchild, who happens to be a little girl. Yes, we are excited! Suzy is so loving and full of life, yet fiercely protective of her family. And I always know when she enters a room, because I hear her laughter and fun personality. Please pray for her to have a healthy delivery as we wait for our newest “little lamb” to arrive. October is full of fun, family and celebration. Happy Birthday Marcus, Jonathan, Suzy and Israel! Remember, we are only a few months away from celebrating the greatest birth and birthday of all, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!