Remembering John Paul
There are rare moments in life where you meet someone and have an instant connection. I’ll never forget the first time I met my dear friend, John Paul Jackson. He just seemed to carry the presence of God with him. And he always had such wisdom to share.

It’s been a few years since John Paul was promoted to heaven, but many of his teachings and messages are truly timeless. So in 2017, we decided to revisit some of our favorite programs with him on Table Talk, and your response was tremendous. That’s why I’ve decided to bring back another series of John Paul Jackson programs this month.
The week of February 19th we’re bringing back five John Paul programs that were powerful and informative. So mark your calendars because you don’t want to miss him sharing about the hierarchy of angels and demons and what that should mean to us. Plus, he’ll teach us the importance of power and authority, how to recognize and overcome the Absalom Spirit, and what is sin.

It’s a week-long celebration of our beloved friend and the wisdom and anointing he carried. So make plans to join us at the table as we celebrate my dear friend, John Paul Jackson, this month on Joni Table Talk.


By now you may have heard the news that our youngest daughter, Rebecca, is engaged! This spring she’ll be marrying Jonathan Weiss, a young man we absolutely love and can’t wait to welcome into our family.

I hope you’ll look through the engagement pictures we’ve included below and share our joy in celebrating the happy couple. It was no easy task to keep this proposal a secret. Jonathan carefully planned all the details and waited for the perfect moment, choosing to surprise Rebecca at Marcus’ 60th birthday party!

We are so incredibly excited for this beautiful couple as they begin their journey together. Until then, Marcus and I hope you’ll join us in praying and believing for God’s best in their lives as the future unfolds!


With so much attention in our culture focused on the issue of gender identity, I felt led to dive deeper into this subject on Joni Table Talk. There’s no shortage of confusion and controversy when it comes to how the Church should address this topic, so I brought in some experts to talk about it.

November 27-30, you’ll meet people who have personally experienced the pain caused by gender confusion, as well as the redemption available to them through the blood of Jesus. As a believer, if you’ve ever had questions about this issue and how to biblically address it with others, these are must-watch programs.

Through the stories shared by Walt Heyer, David Foster, Joe Dallas, Dennis Jernigan, and others, you can discover how to establish an open dialogue that will enable you to speak the truth in love. Hear the dramatic transformations as our guests share how they encountered God’s heart and went from crippling feelings of fear and insecurity to walking in the fullness of Christ.

God never ceases to amaze me. But as I listened to those whose lives have been touched by the issue of gender identity, I was overwhelmed by His relentless pursuit of us all. Through the power of the Cross, He longs to redeem those trapped by confusion and pain. My prayer is that you’ll tune in for this special Joni Table Talk series and learn answers and insight that will lead you to share God’s love and see lives transformed for eternity.


November 27 – J1706: A Transgender’s Faith / Walt Heyer’s Story
November 28 – J1734: Love Hunger / David Foster’s Story
November 29 – J1725: TranZformed / An Inside Look at the New Documentary, TranZformed
November 30 – J1721: Gender Identity / Experts Joe Dallas & Dennis Jernigan share biblical insight on gender identity (changed this one)

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Letter’s From Joni Lamb: August 2017

HopeUC Worship Conference

I can’t think of anything that brings me more joy than worshipping the Lord. It’s woven into the very fabric of who I am and why God created me. That’s one of the many reasons I was so excited that Daystar aired the first ever Hope UC Worship Conference from New South Wales, Australia this month!

Led by our dear friends, Pastors Mark and Darlene Zschech, I know this event inspired people all over the world to encounter Jesus in a deeper, more meaningful way as they poured their hearts out to Him in praise. What made it even more special for me and my sweetheart, Marcus, is that our beautiful daughter, Rachel, and her Aussie-born husband, Josh, hosted each of our broadcasts, including an interview with Mark and Darlene!

From their early days at Hillsong, creating music that’s been sung by over 25 million people, to Darlene’s very honest and open battle with breast cancer, Josh and Rachel gave our viewers and inside look into the journey of this amazing couple. Now, as Senior Pastors of one of Australia’s leading churches, Hope Unlimited, their passion to pursue God’s heart is stronger than ever.

Together, they’ve shown us how to live, love, and thrive in both good times and bad. That’s the power of worship. It takes our present circumstances and helps us see them through Heaven’s perspective. My hope is that through this conference, you were encouraged to make lifting Him up your greatest priority. I can say from personal experience that you’ll never regret that decision. Just like Mark and Darlene, the Lord will take your life and use it ways you never imagined to accomplish the impossible. God bless you!


Letter’s From Joni Lamb: July 2017

Finding Rest

Even though summertime is here, it can still be easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of our careers and daily demands of life. No matter how much we wish for time to stand still, it keeps moving forward regardless of our circumstances or hold ups. So before you get completely lost, overwhelmed, or weary beyond your limits, can I encourage you with something?

Find time to rest and really enjoy life again. Once a year, our entire family gets together and escapes on vacation for this very reason. This year we had our get-away on the beaches of Florida, and, as always, it was full of great memories: fun in the sun, splashing around along the shore, and our whole family slept under the same roof. One of my favorite traditions on family vacation is game night. I love it because we’ll spend hours talking, cracking jokes, and laughing until we cry. Plus, our family never minds a little competition! 😉 In all seriousness though, this is our way of leaving our hectic schedules, prioritizing time together, and finding rest. As the hand on the clock keeps ticking, and I continue to watch my family grow, I’m thankful for times such as these. Like Psalm 116:7 says, “Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.” The Lord has been good, hasn’t He? So do yourself and the people you love a huge favor – rest in that and have some fun together!

If you’ve fallen down, get back up!

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