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Baby Weiss is on the Way!

During a month where mothers are celebrated and a season when God makes all things new, I am so excited to announce the latest addition to our family. Recently, our daughter Rebecca and son-in-love Jonathan Weiss revealed they are having a bouncing baby boy!

Due this September, my sweetheart and I are counting the days until his arrival! We have loved every moment of our time as “Noni” and “Poppy” to our grandchildren, Israel and Arielle, and my heart is overflowing as we prepare to meet this precious little one. Life is truly a gift from God, and I’m so thankful to share His blessings with you!



Spring Heart for the World recently wrapped, and I’m in awe of how our partners answered the call to join us in transforming lives around the globe. Through your support, and the dynamic ministry of our guest speakers, Daystar is piercing the darkness with the power of the Gospel!

From embracing a life of bold faith to the blessings of standing with Israel, these encouraging programs revealed how sowing into the Kingdom of God can impact eternity. Because of you, people once imprisoned by pain will soon meet the Ultimate Healer and be set free. I can’t thank you enough for your courage, compassion, and commitment to share our Heart for the World!


For Such a Time as This…

This month, Jews around the world will celebrate Purim honoring God’s divine deliverance made possible by one woman’s obedience!

Thousands of years ago, a royal edict was issued in ancient Persia to destroy the Jewish people living in that region. As Queen, Esther was their only hope, and her uncle Mordecai urged her to approach the king, reveal her Jewish ancestry, and ask that the order be reversed – an act punishable by execution.

“If you remain silent at this time…you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)

Faced with devastating consequences, Queen Esther had a life-changing choice to make. Would she dare draw near to the king uninvited and endure the possibility of death? Or shrink back in fear while her family was destroyed? Armed with quiet courage, Esther humbly moved toward the king and set in motion a chain of events ultimately leading to the salvation of her people!

Like Esther, you were created with such precision that no other person can do what you are called to do. Made alive at the very moment in history when your life can have the greatest impact on those around you. That’s how important you are to God!

So I want to encourage you today to simply put your trust in His promises. Take bold steps of faith, and watch your destiny be further revealed. Remember, you were born for such a time as this!


Everlasting, Unfailing, & Yours…

Like many of you, February holds a special place in my heart. That’s because more than 35 years ago, my sweetheart proposed on Valentine’s Day and our journey to becoming one officially began!

Wanting every detail to be meaningful and fun, Marcus carefully concealed the proposal in a fortune cookie at one of my favorite restaurants, The Dragon Den. Breaking it open, I slowly read the words that changed my life forever, “Joni Lynn, will you marry me?” Filled with joy and surprise, I said yes!

Later, after discovering my engagement ring wrapped in a heart-shaped box of chocolates, I remember thinking about all the time and energy Marcus spent precisely planning this moment. And as incredible as it was – and still is – God’s plan to love and redeem you through Jesus Christ is even better!

So, while Valentine’s Day floods my heart with warm memories, it may remind you of fresh pain. Whether it’s a broken relationship, the loss of a loved one, or the ache of hope deferred because the right one still hasn’t been revealed, you can experience the beauty and fullness of the Father’s heart for you.

Jesus paid the price so that God could hold you in His arms and whisper words of peace and purpose. I pray you’ll reach out to Him and celebrate a love that’s everlasting, unfailing, and yours – today and every day!


I Am David

Did you know you were created for a life of greatness?

It’s true! But many times, unresolved pain from the past can stand in the way of a blessed future. The good news is there’s hope, and it can be found by looking deeper into the life of King David!

January 1-4, one of my favorite guests, Pastor Jimmy Evans, will join me on Joni Table Talk to share his four-part series, I Am David. In this revealing teaching, you’ll discover how to overcome the obstacles holding you back, empowering you to fulfill your divine destiny!

Though far from perfect, the life of David proves that that with God, all things are possible.

From the devastating wounds of his childhood to his triumphant victories in battle, get an honest look at how this “man after God’s own heart” rose above every setback, failure and disappointment to become Israel’s greatest king!

So whether it’s dealing with rejection or defeating lust, you can experience freedom in Christ! My prayer is that you’ll tune in for these special programs and find hope and healing, transforming you pain into purpose and giving you the boldness to respond to the whisper of greatness in your heart!

January 1I Am David Pt. 1 / The Wounded Son

January 2I Am David Pt. 2 / The Waiting King

January 3I Am David Pt. 3 / The Warrior

January 4I Am David Pt. 4 / The Winner


All I Want for YOU this Christmas!

In John 10:10, Jesus offers an “abundant” life. However, during the holiday season, life can seem all-too-abundant with so much to do and so little time!

When I think about Jesus’ words, I believe He was promising something far richer than lists and deadlines, busyness and exhaustion. Like so many of you, my life is full of to-do’s. But they’re only truly productive when they create a stronger connection with the people that matter most!

This Christmas, I pray you’ll take time to rest in God’s presence and spend precious moments with family and friends – a gift that will help you live an abundant life and love others well. Merry Christmas from the Lamb Family!


South Africa, Safaris & a Season of Thanksgiving

Recently, the Lamb Family traveled to South Africa, and our time there was an incredible blessing filled with adventure!

During our trip, Marcus had the honor of preaching multiple services for Pastors At and Nyretta Boshoff at Christian Revival Church, as well as serving as a guest speaker for Dreamweek Conference and preaching a service for Pastor Bert Pretorius at 3C Church.

While we definitely experienced a powerful time of ministry, our four-day safari at Kruger National Park is a memory I’ll cherish forever. With all three kids and their spouses in tow, we made our way through the stunning terrain of South Africa to have close encounters with giraffe, zebras, rhinos, hyenas and so much more!

In a season of thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the beauty of God’s creation and the joy of sharing it with people that bring so much love and laughter into my life. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my favorite moments!


"When we get connected to the One who created us, amazing things happen."

Joni Lamb

Joni Table Talk

Chris Pringle

Chris Pringle

Co-founder of the C3 Global movement

Vibrant, colourful, inspiring, powerful, liberating, hilarious! Chris Pringle is both speaker and minister in high demand across the globe.

Bethel Music

Bethel Music

Bethel Church

Bethel Music is compromised of a team that passionately pursue the presence of God and then spread it to every corner of the earth.

Doug Weiss

Doug Weiss

Author, Speaker and Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Weiss has authored 20 books on marriage, men’s issues, sexual addiction recovery and other self help books.

Robert Morris

Robert Morris

Gateway Church

Robert Morris is the founding senior pastor of Gateway Church, a multi-campus church in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Dodie Osteen

Dodie Osteen

Lakewood Church

Dodie Osteen was married to the love of her life John Osteen for over 44 years. Together they founded Lakewood on Mother’s Day, 1959.

Bob Hamp

Bob Hamp

Gateway Church

Bob Hamp is passionate about helping people encounter God and restoring people to their created identity and purpose.

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